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ABAAD Wood Industries was established specifically to manufacture doors, kitchens, wardrobes, cladding and hotel furniture on a large scale. In addition, the company produces wide variety of floorboards and parquets in all types and finishes.

Abaad is a mass production company that is geared to undertake sizeable projects, with specific goals in mind. Firstly, to ensure that clients are given the highest quality at affordable price. Abaad protects client’s design without compromising the integrity of the product and has the resources necessary to secure the best raw materials. Our policy guarantees accurate delivery dates and respect for deadlines. Abaad also has the unique capability of re-designing different items for a client to achieve the look that the client would prefer within budget.

To accomplish this, Abaad has acquired the latest technology available in wood industry. In its state of the art factory, all machines are German made to guarantee a precise manufacturing process, thus ensuring high quality, as well as consistency in both cost and rate of production. Waste of material is also resources to a great extent. The company has adapted the latest production techniques and production software.

Furthermore, our business is designed to process a vast variety of materials which makes production highly flexible and enables Abaad to work in different price ranges. Abaad machinery can process solid wood, plane panels, laminated panels, the pressing of veneer or laminates and PVC or foil. Abaad has a state of the art spray line from Cefla. The spray line is capable of painting up to 8 Sq meters per minute and the product exits the machine completely dry. This factor increases the end quality of the product and prevents the defects that happen if the paint is left to dry in the open air. For the much larger items that cannot be accommodated by the spraying line, Abaad has closed spray rooms and drying rooms that will result in the same high quality finish.

This, combined with the management and workforce’s long experience in the wood manufacturing industry, puts Abaad in a prime position to execute a wide range of projects from the simplest to the most complicated.

All Abaad machinery and buildings corresponds to European standards. The company policy is strict in adhering to all safety rules and regulations and guarantees its employees a healthy work environment.

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